Kinshasa, December 07, 2023

On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, the U.S. State Department has solemnly proclaimed Jean Claude Mputu Ingole, Deputy Director of Resource Matters and spokesperson for the Congo Is Not For Sale (Le Congo n'est pas à Vendre - CNPAV) coalition, as one of the world's leading champions in the fight against corruption.

This prestigious award, organized by the Bureau for International Narcotics and Crime Control Affairs, is given to him for his outstanding leadership, indomitable courage and the considerable impact he has had in preventing, denouncing and fighting corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Corruption worsens poverty, fuels injustice, stifles growth and destroys democratic institutions throughout the world. In Congo, corruption stands out as the most fearsome obstacle to the development and financial prosperity of the population. It affects citizens in virtually every aspect of their daily lives.

For years, the Resource Matters team has been documenting and denouncing the bribery and embezzlement of public funds that keep the Congolese people in a state of persistent misery, particularly in the mining and hydroelectric sectors.

Working closely with member organizations of the anti-corruption coalition Le Congo n'est pas à Vendre (CNPAV), we are working tirelessly to ensure that the numerous revelations are followed up by judicial investigations, not only within Congo, but also internationally, targeting individuals, companies, bank accounts and ill-gotten assets resulting from embezzlement and corruption.

Honored by the U.S. State Department, Jean Claude Mputu stands out as a long-standing and leading anti-corruption campaigner. It is with great pride that we welcome this award. This symbolic distinction underlines the years of hard work and collective efforts made in the fight against corruption in Congo and Africa, sometimes at the risk of physical and legal threats.

It lends added credibility, spreading more light and legitimacy to the organizations and collective voice speaking out against corrupt practices.

Contact: Michael B. Kalamo,

Communications Officer Resource Matters - / +243 999 212 752

=> Download the press release here.

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